One day to go…

So, it is T minus 1. Just a few more hours to get ready and Operation: Packing has commenced. I just hope it all fits into my back pack.. And that I manage to carry it all around Australia and SE Asia without doing myself a mischief.


The birthday celebrations started early with lunch with Anna in Borough Market. She added to my burden but has injected a bit of glamour to the trip by giving me a beautiful travel make up kit – it needn’t be all sandals, fleeces and tie dye t shirts.


And so the celebrations will start again shortly with a last supper with the girls – Teresa, Louise, Alice and Katherine. We’ll be setting a place and leaving an empty chair for Mel aka Pru. But she’s joining us via Facetime at 11pm prompt. She’s never one to miss a party entirely. I’m just hoping Alice doesn’t drag me into any nocturnal adventures, as per her normal behaviour. Ah… I’ll miss those when I am away…

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