The final countdown…

So, it’s now just 5 days until I leave for my quarter gap year. TIme to panic? Absolutely not. The shopping list is done. The passport is returned, complete with Thai and Burmese visas (see exhibits 1 and 2). And I’ve even managed to line up a last minute flat sitter to keep Pru Towers safe in my absence. May my dancefloor not lie empty while I am gone.



Speaking of which, Pru Towers dancefloor needed a thorough hoover after my bon voyage party last weekend. The final groovesters were seen to hang up their dance shoes at 5am.

My wonderful but completely bonkers friends also did a spot of colouring in during the party (those who know my friends might say this represents advanced skills for them). They left me with a wonderful piece of art work that will be framed on my return (but will no doubt sit unhung along with the rest of my art collection for many years to come). Exhibit 3.


And finally, a mere month after buying it, I have worked out how to connect my camera to my tablet, hence the addition of photos to the blog. Old dogs and new tricks…

Next stop: BA lounge at Heathrow.  

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