Happy Christmas

It feels really strange to celebrate Xmas in 30 degree heat with clear blue skies from a roof top terrace with views out over the beach at Bribie Island. We had a slow start to the day with bacon butties and coffee in bed courtesy of Scott.

By midday, we had witnessed the arrival/whirlwind that was Scott’s niece and nephew arriving (2 and 6 respectively). Furious present opening followed.

Lunch was a cold meat and salad affair served with a generous helping of Australian Sauvignon Blanc. Guitar playing and sunbathing on the roof completed the afternoon’s entertainment. I’ve started to learn some Bob Dylan, which is pretty cool, and am perfecting Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Sweet.

This year’s Xmas presents were – by necessity – all very practical. Scuba diving course paid for by mum and dad (thanks muchly), sun lotion and insect repellent from Mary and Bruce, bubbles from Donna and Brett, and a solar powered phone charger from Dan and Scott (very useful). Plus a beautiful Australia calendar from Justin.

We just enjoyed a sunset stroll along the beach, and saw a dog swimming out to collect a ball which seemed to have been thrown at least 5 miles out to sea. I also had the chance to cuddle a 15 week old puppy. Happy Xmas indeed.

i am without wifi on my own tablet, so a flurry of photos will follow when I get back to Sydney in a couple of days’ time…