about quartergapyear

I started this blog when I was a 36 year old woman taking some time out after getting divorced. Three months. A quarter of a year. A quarter gap year.

I started in Australia and ended in Thailand, taking in Myanmar and Cambodia along the way. It was just me, my guitar and a very big sense of adventure. The experience was life changing.

Seven years later, I’m doing it all again. In the intervening years I established a single life in London, moved to the US to stand up a nonprofit, and met and married Paul.

Life has changed – but I haven’t. I’m still a woman who loves learning, exploring, traveling. I still think there is more to life than work.

My second quarter gap year will be a lot different to my first – it won’t start with a long-haul flight and there won’t be new sights, sounds and smells.  Instead it happens right here – home.

These strange times offer me a precious opportunity to be still, appreciate the ordinary, and re-ignite my imagination.

Welcome to the second Quarter Gap Year.


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