Goodbye Cambodia – finally…

It’s D Day for Cambodia today – i’m heading on to Thailand for the final leg of the quartergapyear.  It nearly didn’t happen after I missed my flight. Complete laid-backness and incompetence were to blame. I thought the flight was at 10am rather than 845am. I checked from the seat of my tuk tuk on the way to the airport…

As it was almost certain I would miss it and there was absolutely nothing I could do, I sat back and enjoyed the ride to the airport through the rush hour, watching Cambodians waking up and going about their daily lives. Pretty much most aspects of life happen on Cambodian pavements,  so it was a great goodbye present on the way out of a country I have finally come to love and understand.

I will post later with my thoughts on Cambodia,  with the highs and lows. But its definitely been an interesting 3ish weeks that I’ll remember forever. And it provided some much needed time for thinking and reflection and I now feel ready to start thinking about the future as I head towards my hammock/live aboard boat in Thailand.

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