Cambodian Food

Cambodian cuisine doesn’t really get much press – good or bad – but I have enjoyed some great food here. So, here is a photo hommage to some of the wonderful things I have tasted. Plus some things I am glad I haven’t…

This was my first banana pancake of the quartergapyear and tasted as good as it looked:


This is one of the tastiest breakfasts I have ever had – eaten as the sun rose over our boat along the river from Chi Phat and served in a bamboo basket, the Cambodian equivalent of a packed lunch/breakfast:


This is definitely the best meal I have had in Cambodia – green mango salad (grated green mango, carrot, red onions, garlic, lime, fish sauce, sugar) followed by a delicate and fragrant fish amok (which is on the menu for my cooking course tomorrow):



And here are some of the stranger parts of Cambodian cuisine – deep fried spiders are a delicacy in Kampong Cham province and my bus companion decided to try one (yuk!):



Not sure what these little beauties were – look like a cross between a fly and a cockroach… With a side serving of whole roasted small bird complete with head and all limbs… They were spotted at a bus stop – to be fair, I’ve probably not seen better at the Little Chef…


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