Koh Rong – scuba fun

On Friday, I caught a boat from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong, a tiny island off the south coast of Cambodia. I am staying in a rather basic beach hut – so basic there are gaping holes where anything could get in. And that is exactly what has happened. Rat-gate! Yesterday and today I have come home to a rat. On both occasions he appeared after I played guitar (I’m thinking pied piper….) and yesterday he stole my soap (clearly not a dirty rat). I am not massively excited about going to bed tonight… Koh Rong is amazing – deserted island paradise. I spent my first two days here on a boat scuba diving off the coast. The visibility wasn’t great as it has been a bit stormy and there are lots of waves, but it was excellent to be back in the water. My love for scuba hasn’t gone. We saw some sea cucumbers, loads of fish and an enormous jelly fish which our dive master shone his torch on from underneath. Quite a sight. I also fitted in some snorkelling on the first day, which was good, too. I saw a manta ray within about 10 seconds of getting in the water. Below some assorted snaps from diving, including some coral-related scuba injuries…




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