Sights, sounds and smells of Burma…

So, as I head out of Burma, here is my summary of the sights, sounds and smells of the country:

Sights: dust, monks, temples, smiling faces, tiny puppies, golden buildings, clear blue skies, orange sunsets, beautiful rivers, red spit from beetle (sp?), over-sized trucks that appear to be attempting a world record for the most people to be crammed into a moving vehicle, women riding side-saddle with their boyfriends on motorbikes.

Sounds: sweeping brushes, dogs marking, motorbikes, ‘hello – which country you from?’, car and bike horns beeping, clip clop of horses hooves, cockrels crowing early morning and late evening, really loud engines roaring past, squealing push bike brakes.

Smells: dry dust, green tea, Mayanmar beer, fresh seafood.

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