Brisbane Christmas with the boys

After a very fun and very late night on the town in Cairns to celebrate qualifying as a scuba diver, I forced myself out of bed to catch a flight to Brisbane. With the added benefit of post-sailing sea legs (weird feeling), it was quite a start to the day.

The boys aka Dr Dan and Scotty picked me up at the airport and transferred me to the Roberts’ Christmas base on Bribie Island, just off the coast of Brisbane. With a huge roof terrace with a sea view, there is nowhere I would rather be for Christmas. Much seafood and many Coronas have flowed since I arrived, plus giggles galore.

Today we had the pleasure of the company of Mr/Dr Matthew O’ Sullivan aka mistermos. Hoping to catch up with him again when he gets back from Rio and before I leave Australia.

Presents are now wrapped, the prawns are on chill. All set for Christmas Aussie-style!

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