Early morning diving

There are very few times that I willingly set my alarm BEFORE the time I need to wake up, but this morning was one of them. We were due to be woken by Eric the skipper at 6.45am so I set my alarm for 6.30am to beat the crowds at the toilets and make sure I was in my scuba gear with time to spare.

It really was worth it. I’ve been struggling with bouyancy – I even floated back to the surface on my last dive yesterday. I did it again this morning from 6 metres, but relaxed and put everything I had learned into practice and managed to get back down and stay there.

We went as deep as 17.5 metres this morning – our limit was 11.2 metres but I overshot slightly. The pressure down there is something else. We saw some great stuff – highlight for me was swimming through a school of fish. Amazing.

Can’t wait for our next dive today. And tonight we are doing a night dive. Apparently, we jump into the water surrounded by sharks. Our trusty instructor, Nick, assures us that they won’t bite. If there are no further posts on this blog, you’ll know he was wrong…

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